Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Double side knitted scarf

Hi there!
I just want to share with you a picture of the scarf I made for muy 4yo girl. I wanted to knit something with double side knitting technique. I was thinking on an emoji motif, and I asked my kid about it. But then, she asked me: 'and why not a solar system scarf?' Wow! Let's do it!
So I worked on the pattern on Stitchfiddle, and I drew the solar system part, including asteroid belt between Mars and Júpiter, Pluto and Kuiper's belt. But I needed a longer pattern to make the scarf long enough, so I added an alien spacecraft, a couple of rockets, Virgo constellation (it's my girl sign), and a big comet. I have finished a few weeks ago, and I have also knitted a pair of mittens following Drop's Mr. Fish pattern. Everything was done with Drops Fable yarn.


Here you have a couple of pictures of both scarf and mittens.

 And here I post the chart pattern, it has 420 rows and 40 stitches.

I hope someone else will use it, please let me know how it looks!